What Factors Lead to Divorce?

Divorce is very common. But what causes divorce in the first place? If two people willingly get married, what can cause them to change their minds? While every couple is different, there are several common factors that lead to divorce. Some are easier to handle than others, but all of them come with their own complications.

Abuse and Neglect

If one spouse is abusive toward the other and/or their children, this can be a serious factor that leads to divorce. In this situation, child support and custody arrangements can get complicated. There might be legal consequences for the abusive spouse, which impacts their ability to either have contact with their children or make money to pay child support. This is a situation in which divorce lawyers and the courts will work to untangle in a way that keeps everybody safe.


If one or both partners strays outside of their marriage vows, this might be a cause for divorce. Each marriage has its own boundaries and rules, so a divorce caused by infidelity can be either amiable or emotional. However, this can make child custody agreements difficult. While the cheating partner might have hurt their spouse, the courts might feel this doesn’t impact their ability to be a good parent. This is another situation where it is important that each side work with a divorce lawyer. The lawyers can work objectively to set up a plan that is as fair as possible for each side.


Sometimes people just realize they shouldn’t be married to each other. This can happen early on or it can happen after decades of marriage. Out of every thousand women, the divorce rate is currently twice as high as it was in the 1960s, when divorce was extremely uncommon. However, it is not nearly as high as it was at its peak of 22.6 in the early 1980s. These days, people can explore their compatibility before making a commitment to marriage, but still have the option to divorce. This means they can separate for any reason they feel they need to, then work out the logistics in the courts.

There are a range of reasons why someone might file for divorce, ranging from simple preference to physical danger. It’s important to work with the courts and your divorce lawyers in order to make the process as simple as possible.

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