What Are The Leading Causes Of Divorce

A common critique of younger generations is that they don’t take marriage seriously enough. This is largely because there is a perception that divorce is on the rise, with about 40 to 50% of all American marriages ending in divorce. A better measurement may be the rate of divorce, which is 16.9 per 1,000 married women. Additionally, it should be noted that while it may seem like divorce is happening more often, it’s also true that divorce is more accessible. Where women were once more financially dependent on their husbands, and divorce was once more taboo, people now can leave unhappy marriages and live independently. That’s a good thing!

But what are the reasons why people reach out to a divorce attorney? Let’s look into the leading causes of divorce below.

1. Incompatability

While it may seem simple and vague, incompatibility is one of the main reasons why people get divorced. Perhaps you have different goals in life as a couple; maybe the two of you share different values or political beliefs. No matter what, incompatibility is a valid reason to get divorced. You shouldn’t feel bad about it.

2. Infidelity

It may be a cliche, but people do get divorced quite often due to infidelity. Many couples consider infidelity the one thing that they would not be able to forgive each other of. It’s not uncommon for people to put up with plenty of conflicts, but only call a divorce attorney after infidelity.

3. Financial Problems

Financial issues are often behind divorces. You may hear of couples fighting over money; just the stress of being unable to pay your bills can cause serious resentment, and push couples apart. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for couples to get divorced because they disagree on how to spend their money. These are valid reasons to end your marriage.

4. Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is not uncommon, and it does destroy marriages. Whether an individual is addicted to illicit substances or something like alcohol, substance abuse can create conflict that can drive couples apart.

5. Domestic Abuse

Sadly, domestic abuse does occur within marriages. It is a major reason why couples get divorced, and in this case, divorce would be a positive thing. If it’s time for you to end a bad marriage, call a divorce attorney. This could begin a new, positive path.

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