Why You Need To Plan For The Future Now

It happens in a single moment, and your entire future is changed forever. The passing of a loved one is never easy, even when their death is expected or imminent. Once the initial shock has passed, grieving loved ones are often left behind to deal with significant paperwork issues. In many cases, hospitals, schools, or other agencies, may demand paperwork that may be hard to obtain, and these entities might want it as soon as possible.

The ones left behind are juggling legal and financial issues alongside processing their grief and the emotional hole the loved one has left behind. One of the best things anybody can do for their loved ones is to prepare their legal and financial matters ahead of time. None of us ever really know when our final moments will be.

There are several benefits to planning for estate matters now. Suppose you have or know of others in your family that may cause trouble for those left behind. In that case, having properly drawn up paperwork will prevent disputes from arising and protect your loved ones from expensive legal battles. Suppose you know there is significant debt to be paid after the fact. In that case, you’ll want to make sure you have sufficient life insurance to cover it or your assets placed in such a way that will prevent creditors from seizing them. Over half of Americans, 55% of them, pass away without a properly executed will or estate plan.

Each state has unique rules regarding death, debt, and estate matters. These laws can have an impact on unknowing loved ones left behind. The freshness of the effect of loss will leave loved ones vulnerable to less than ethical debt collectors or others who may try to bully the loved ones into making choices without complete information. It is essential to plan your estate for all eventualities.

In addition, estate lawyers handling things now for you can also help you when your life circumstances change. Suppose you get divorced. What happens to your estate plans once this happens? Suppose you come into even more money than you did before. How should that be distributed? An attorney can walk you through these scenarios and work with you to come up with a solution.

Working with qualified estate planning attorneys can help ease your entire family’s legal and financial transition after death. They will be able to manage the situation far easier, giving you peace of mind.

What Factors Lead to Divorce?

Divorce is very common. But what causes divorce in the first place? If two people willingly get married, what can cause them to change their minds? While every couple is different, there are several common factors that lead to divorce. Some are easier to handle than others, but all of them come with their own complications.

Abuse and Neglect

If one spouse is abusive toward the other and/or their children, this can be a serious factor that leads to divorce. In this situation, child support and custody arrangements can get complicated. There might be legal consequences for the abusive spouse, which impacts their ability to either have contact with their children or make money to pay child support. This is a situation in which divorce lawyers and the courts will work to untangle in a way that keeps everybody safe.


If one or both partners strays outside of their marriage vows, this might be a cause for divorce. Each marriage has its own boundaries and rules, so a divorce caused by infidelity can be either amiable or emotional. However, this can make child custody agreements difficult. While the cheating partner might have hurt their spouse, the courts might feel this doesn’t impact their ability to be a good parent. This is another situation where it is important that each side work with a divorce lawyer. The lawyers can work objectively to set up a plan that is as fair as possible for each side.


Sometimes people just realize they shouldn’t be married to each other. This can happen early on or it can happen after decades of marriage. Out of every thousand women, the divorce rate is currently twice as high as it was in the 1960s, when divorce was extremely uncommon. However, it is not nearly as high as it was at its peak of 22.6 in the early 1980s. These days, people can explore their compatibility before making a commitment to marriage, but still have the option to divorce. This means they can separate for any reason they feel they need to, then work out the logistics in the courts.

There are a range of reasons why someone might file for divorce, ranging from simple preference to physical danger. It’s important to work with the courts and your divorce lawyers in order to make the process as simple as possible.

The Most Common Questions About Child Custody

When you’re involved in a divorce and you have children, the experience can be more emotionally taxing for everyone involved. If you are curious about the questions that are most commonly asked in a child custody hearing, read on to see a few.

What is The Difference Between Physical and Legal Custody?

This first question is important as each term has a different connotation. Physical custody is simply where the child lives, so parents can have shared physical custody by splitting time spent with the child, for instance. Legal custody, on the other hand, is the legal ability to make important decisions on your child’s behalf, such as where they will go to school, and what religion they will practice.

How Do The Courts Determine Who Will Get Child Custody?

While this is sometimes an outcome, the courts don’t like to make the decision, rather preferring for the parents to work together and come to an agreement. This could be by themselves or with the help of a mediator, a failure to which the court will make a decision based on the best interests of the child. To do this, they will consider the financial, mental, and physical status of each parent, the home environment offered by each parent, and the child’s personal preference if he or she is at least 12 years of age. In slightly more than 51% of child custody decisions, both parents come to an agreement for the mother to be the custodial parent, and in these cases, there is an easier ending to the case.

Should I Hire a Child Custody Lawyer?

In most cases, this is not necessary because a custody agreement can be worked on between the parents. There are some situations, however, that call for hiring a lawyer, and these include when one parent wants to get full custody against the wishes of the other parent, one parent is relocating or remarrying, or one parent has no faith in the abilities of the other parent as a custodian of the child.

The matter of a child’s custody is a sensitive one, and while no parent wants to be told they cannot have custody, it is important to do what is best for the child in the end. If there is a solution that will end the matter amicably, it is best to agree to it and avoid further stressing all parties.

3 Reasons Why You Should Seek the Services of Bankruptcy Lawyers

When you’re going through difficult situations in life like filing bankruptcy, it’s possible to get overwhelmed and not think on your feet. Additionally, you may not know when to file bankruptcy and whether to file chapter 7 bankruptcy or chapter 13 bankruptcy. Good thing you can hire bankruptcy lawyers to walk you through the process.

Here’s why you should seek the services of a bankruptcy attorney.

1. Professional Representation

Bankruptcy lawyers are experienced and know the processes involved in filing bankruptcy. Although it is possible to undertake the bankruptcy process on your own, you may miss some important details that will delay the process further. Worse still, you may commit unintentional bankruptcy fraud, which would land you in jail or attract hefty court fines. When you’re already financially distressed, you want to avoid any legal mess that might worsen your situation.

A good bankruptcy attorney in Bismarck, ND, and other cities will help you avail all the bankruptcy documents needed. These documents include paycheck stubs for the last six months, your credit card report, and your most recent federal income tax returns. There is a lot of paperwork involved and you can easily get confused, especially if it’s your first time filing bankruptcy. However, bankruptcy lawyers will provide proper guidance to ensure that you fill all the forms as required by the law.

2. Your Bankruptcy Attorney Will Deal With Your Creditors

Before you get to filing bankruptcy, you have probably had a tough time dealing with creditors. You may have already received multiple default notices and constant calls or emails from your creditors. This can make you more frustrated and add to the distress you are already undergoing. When you hire a bankruptcy lawyer, you won’t have to go through these demoralizing situations because your attorney will take over correspondence.

Once you get bankruptcy lawyers on board, they‘ll contact your creditors and explain what you’re going through. This way, the creditors will stop calling you directly, and this will give you more peace of mind to enable you to get back on your feet. If you still receive calls from your creditors, you can direct them to your attorney. At the end of the day, when you’re in a bankruptcy situation, what you need most is time and peace to work on your financial distress and turn around your situation.

3. Bankruptcy Lawyers Will Get You Better Repayment Terms

If you file chapter 13 bankruptcy, you negotiate new repayment terms with your creditors over a certain period. If you don’t have enough financial and legal knowledge, you may end up agreeing to worse terms that may compound your money problems. This happens because you’ll most likely renegotiate your loan terms under pressure. However, your bankruptcy attorneys will get you better repayment terms because they have the required financial and legal knowledge involved in planning debt repayment terms.

If you’re considering filing chapter 7 bankruptcy, your attorney will help you pursue other alternatives like filing a petition under chapter 11 or chapter 13. When chapter 7 is the only alternative, bankruptcy lawyers will advise you on what properties to liquidate. Your lawyer will have your back so that creditors don’t liquidate even your exempt property. Your creditors will most likely hire lawyers who will try to recover as much debt as they can. In such a case, you may end up losing all your property to your creditors, and have to start at ground zero again. A good bankruptcy attorney will prevent such scenarios.

Certain situations like divorce, filing bankruptcy, and estate planning require you to seek expert knowledge to avoid making common errors and mistakes. Sadly, most Americans often fail to seek representation and end up having negative outcomes. For instance, about 72% of Americans don’t have an up-to-date will. Also, a good percentage of U.S. citizens who file bankruptcy choose to represent themselves. In such cases, most end up with worse outcomes. To avoid this, trust bankruptcy lawyers to represent you and get you better results.

Benefits of Estate Planning

estate planning attorney
Entrepreneur signing business contract or agreement

Did you know that over 50% of Americans die without an estate plan or a will? While many people think that an estate planning attorney can only assist persons who have moderate to exceeding wealth, estate planning attorneys can assist with the final wishes of many other individuals. The bottom line is that just about everyone can benefit from estate planning and discussing their estate and belongings with an estate lawyer. Let’s delve into some critical reasons that you may need to consider working with an estate planning attorney.

Provisions for Your Immediate Family

We’ve all heard and seen the news stories and documentaries about individuals who have passed on and failed to leave a will or seek the assistance of an estate planning attorney. When you document how you want your belongings divided up among family members, there is nothing to fight about your estate in the event of your death. Sometimes siblings, cousins, and other family members can become enemies as opposed to allies after the death of a loved one when it comes to property, keepsakes, and money. It’s vital that you speak with an estate planning attorney so that what you leave behind goes into the hands that you desire.

Children Can Remain with Family Members You Know and Love

Oftentimes, individuals who pass away leave children behind. When we leave our homes each day, we anticipate arriving back. However, you may be involved in a fatal car accident. What happens in the event that you do not make it back home due to an event that causes your untimely death? Failing to speak with an estate planning attorney or having an estate plan in place will cause chaos and may even leave your minor children as wards of the state. Instead of such, discuss care for your children in the event of your demise with a trusted friend or relative. Instead of a judge deciding the fate of your minor children, have a plan that you wish executed for them in place.

Your Loved Ones Will Have Your Property Quickly

When you place your wishes for your estate in writing with an estate planning attorney, your loved ones will be able to obtain your property, belongings, heirlooms, and money quickly. Many families are left with the stresses and pain of going to court over a deceased loved one’s home, property, or even cash. Taking the time to put in writing how you want your estate divided up will save your loved ones’ time, energy, and money.

You may want your children to share your home while giving your favorite pearl pendant to a niece. You may also want your stepson to receive a certain amount of cash for a business he wants to start. You may even put in writing provisions for a co-worker that you enjoyed working with. Estate planning helps to end the obscurities and questions as to who will get what. It also helps to eliminate the waiting and annoying court proceedings for your family members.

Minimize Costs and Expenses

Did you know that when you fail to write an estate plan with an estate planning attorney, you are leaving your loved ones to pay for costly legal fees and court proceedings? The monies that you left behind will not go toward your family members. Those monies will go toward paying for attorneys, court costs, and more. Instead of leaving your loved ones to pay for judgments, simply get a plan together with a reputable estate planning attorney.

Dealing with death is never fun, but it is necessary. Having your wishes documented with an estate planning attorney helps to end questions, doubt, and discord among family members. As your Bismarck, ND estate planning team, we also provide child custody services, will writing, guardianship assistance, and more. The fact is that we never know when we will pass. It’s good to know that when it does happen, you can provide for your loved ones who have their lives to live. Connect with us today and let’s create an estate plan for you and your family together.